Make Yourself More Creative and Learn How to Sell Your Ideas

  • Creativity will improve your work and personal life by making you a better problem solver and a better communicator.
  • These creativity books range from the practical to theoretical.  There are also marketing books about how to sell your creative ideas.
  • A creative idea is not useful until you sell people on how it will make the world a better place.  An idea without an audience is like a tree falling in the forest, if no one hears it, then it is doesn’t make a sound.
  • Creativity is a contact sport which means that your ideas are enhanced when they are played off other people to get feedback.  This interaction produces a result that is much greater than the sum of the parts.  Therefore, supplement your reading by working on a creative team or taking a creativity class.
  • The Creativity Class uses a workshop format to teach the time-tested creativity techniques that great writers, painters, sculptors, inventors, engineers and scientists use to come up with new ideas and cutting-edge solutions.
Book Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

by David Kelley & Tom Kelly

Creativity can be a matter of life and death, and this book describes how inventiveness lead to the creation of the Embrace Infant Warmer that has helped 50,000 under-weight babies survive in developing countries.  The authors make the point that everyone is creative, and they explain tools and techniques that will enable you to achieve your creative potential, and make the world a better place.

ThinkerToys Creativity Books


by Michael Michalko

This book is in its 2nd edition, and at 394 pages, it is packed full of creative ideas.  It lists techniques that will make you more creative, and it gives real-world examples of how to apply the new tools.  There are plenty of stimulating exercises that will reinforce the creative concepts.  Whatever your passion, from cook to CEO, you can now sharpen your creative skills and reach your true potential.

Whack Creativity Book

A Whack on the Side of the Head

by Roger VonOech

Written in a fun, lighthearted style, this book will knock your creative senses loose.  For more than 30 years, this book has shown how to cast off the mental locks that have been holding back your creative potential.  It shows how to turn off self-imposed filters that have been blocking your creativity, and makes a convincing case why every company needs to hire a court jester if they want to thrive.

Art of the Start Creativity Book

The Art of the Start

by Guy Kawasaki

Written by the guy who helped make Apple a house-hold name, this Guy gives you a how-to book on making your own creative ideas into house-hold names.  This book tells you how to take your creative ideas, and run with them to change the world.  You begin at the start, fasten your seat belt, then he shows you how to put the pedal to the metal as you zoom ahead to the finish line of success.

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