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Teaching this class is the greatest job in the world!  The energy in the room and the creative output from the participants is absolutely amazing.  It is extremely rewarding to unlock a team’s creative potential and see their performance jump to new levels.

  • Entire career spent discovering the connection between creativity and professional development
  • Worked with companies from start-ups to major corporations such as Intel and Apple
  • CEO of Business Software, Inc. the award winning creator of SoftSell the first easy-to-use sales automation software
  • Former magazine editor who knows how to lead a team to reach their maximum creative potential
  • Engaging communicator who teaches creativity using words, graphics, humor and hands-on demonstrations and team exercisesl
  • Imaginative thinker (see his articles) who teaches creative problem solve by finding  connections between disciplines (e.g., business, history, literature, art, etc.)
  • Multidisciplinary talent who looks at creativity problems from every possible angle by applying his expertise in business development, sales, design, journalism, education, public relations, consulting, management, marketing, and engineering
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University

Boost the Productivity of Your Employees

  • The best corporate training value available without exception
  • Taught by a highly experienced, dynamic instructor/facilitator
  • The class is a team-building workshop taught at your site
  • Hands-on class with “learn a creativity tool”, followed  by “use a creativity tool”
  • Uses real-world problems that are solved with team work
  • Maximum class size of 24 employees is divided into 6 teams
  • Ideally, class contains employees from different departments
  • Offered as a 1-hour (lunch intensive), 2-hour or 4-hour class
  • Microlearning approach gets your employees back to work quickly

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